Kelly / Warner Law Partners & Attorneys

Aaron Kelly – Partner

Aaron Kelly is the founding partner of Kelly / Warner Law. A bona fide “tech nerd,” Kelly is one of the more “wired” attorneys practicing today. He’s also a savant when it comes to online defamation litigation.

An AV-rated attorney, who enjoys a perfect AVVO rating, Aaron has built a strong niche practice assisting online businesses, venture capitalists, finance analysts, advertisers and finance firms with professional libel lawsuits.
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Daniel Warner – Partner

Daniel R. Warner began his legal career with one of the highest multi-state bar exam scores in the nation. Mr. Warner has gone on to become a named partner in Kelly / Warner law and a litigator known for his laser-sharp attention to detail — which often translates into a win for his clients.

At Kelly / Warner, Daniel heads up the firm’s business and bankruptcy division. He also handles contract matters, in addition to intellectual property and various real estate legal issues.
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Raees Mohamed – Partner

Before becoming an attorney, Raees Mohamed established a well-respected business consultancy. During that time, he aided a failing medical business and successfully brokered its highly profitable sale. Additionally, Raees found key markets for a Bangalore-based manufacturer and developed a multi-million dollar 401k marketing plan for a prominent Wall Street investment bank.
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Hansen Tong – Of Counsel

Hansen Tong joined Kelly Warner’s technology law team after spending several years at Northrop Grumman Space Technology Center where he worked with the mechanical satellite components team. Now a legal strategist at Kelly Warner, Mr. Tong lends his considerable talents to cases involving practical high-tech considerations. In addition to being the resident rocket-tech geek, Mr. Tong handles online defamation, Internet copyright and cyber gambling litigation.
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