Business Defamation Infographic

In the fast-paced market, maintaining a good reputation is key to both attracting new clients and retaining existing ones. From financial advisers who work with private investors to executives at the helm of large corporations, trust is one of the most highly valued leadership qualities across all business sectors and industries. Over time, how your clients perceive your brand can make or break your chances of outshining your competition and reaching your company’s highest potential.

Unfortunately, image management is tougher today than ever before. While running a transparent company is important, it is not always enough to maintain your reputation and keep your clients’ trust. Now that information can be shared instantaneously with hundreds of other users, a single negative statement can cause irreparable harm. Once there is a digital mark on your otherwise flawless record, it’s difficult to remove it.

Whether it happens on the Internet or in your community, the bottom line is that negative comments are bad for business. Fair and balanced feedback is an opportunity to better understand your clients’ needs, but there is a fine line between constructive criticism and false representation. In situations where untrue statements are damaging your brand and causing your business financial harship, you may be entitled to relief and compensation. If you believe that you are being unfairly targeted by a competitor or a client, schedule a consultation with an experienced defamation attorney to find out if your case is eligible for legal action.