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The Boss and His Subordinate: A Tale Of Workplace Defamation

In the not too distant past, a woman named Hanna Bouveng and her then-boss Benjamin Wey crossed a professional line. Gifts were given; apartments were allegedly financed; then things changed, and corporeal advances were supposedly spurned. In the end, Wey fired Bouveng. Soon, disparaging statements about Bouveng started showing up on Wey’s blog. In retaliation, Read More

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Billionaire’s Business Defamation Lawsuit Settled

Concurrence has come to the high-stakes world of billionaire-ranking: HRH Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud (“Prince Bin Talal”) and Forbes magazine finally struck a settlement. In 2013, the Saudi Arabian royal had sued the media outlet for defamation. He felt the magazine under-reported his fortune, which, he claimed, had a deleterious effect Read More

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Business Reputation Lawsuit Case Study: Mogul v. Hedge Fund

Can Dov Charney win? The ex-CEO of American Apparel Inc. (“American Apparel”) is suing former hedge fund allies for allegedly killing his business reputation. Does Dov have a strong defamation case? Or is it a shrinking giant’s final act of legal aggression? It All Began With a Phoenix Plan Dov Charney makes headlines happen. But Read More

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Seeking Alpha Defamation: An Online Libel Law FAQ

Seeking Alpha is the TMZ of the trading industry — an online platform of gossip and speculation: some of which is accurate, some of which is planted public relations spin and some of which is false. So, what happens if you or your fund is defamed on Seeking Alpha? Can you sue for libel? Do Read More

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Which Jurisdiction Rules?

Meadow Soprano’s real-life ex-husband, financier A.J. Discala, is entangled in an interstate Ponzi scheme defamation legal battle with businessman Mark A. Nordlicht and seven other defendants. The case centers on accusations about participation in a high-end, but oh-so illegal, $1.5 billion pyramid scheme. Both parties are flinging financial dirt – and both parties want the Read More

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Trader Wins Millions From Firm In Defamation Lawsuit

A court ordered a brokerage house to pay a trader $2.7 million in defamation damages, proving that when the circumstances are just right, defamation lawsuit plaintiffs can sometimes prevail — big time. How This Finance Trader Defamation Lawsuit Got Started Few details are available for public consumption regarding this business defamation lawsuit. It seems, however, Read More

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