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Mistaken Identity Defamation: Case Proves It’s Possible To Win Big!

Arbitrators ordered a pharmaceutical company to pay a Florida doctor $1.5 million in a seemingly rock solid mistaken identity defamation case. Why is it noteworthy? The case proves that plaintiffs with similar claims can win — and win big — in the U.S. Mistaken Identity Defamation Results In $155 Million Award For Doctor According to Read More

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Gaming Defamation Case: Judge Calls It “Groundless”

A high-profile gaming defamation case has met its end…probably. In 2012, self-made billionaire Kazuo Okada of Universal Entertainment sued Reuters over alleged casino bribery implications. But last week, Tokyo’s High Court deemed the claim “groundless,” citing accuracy. Why Did Gaming Company Universal Sue Media Agency Reuters? Four years ago, a few Reuters’ reporters were sniffing Read More

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business defamation law blog: employee defamation legal tips

Employee Defamation Advice: Get The Receipts Before Suing

Allstate, the insurance firm, lost a multi-million-dollar employee defamation claim. Yes, an appeal is in the works; this case is far from over. However, let’s review the suit to see what lessons it reveals, thus far. An SEC-Related Employee Defamation Lawsuit: A Play In Seven Bullet Points Plaintiffs: A group of employees fired from Allstate’s Read More

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Business Defamation Blog: U5 Defamation Lawyer

Can a Financial Advisor Win A U5 Defamation Lawsuit Against A Firm?

The finance industry is cut-throat. No, it’s worse. It’s a blood sport. And part of the game is the “Uniform Termination Notice for Securities Industry Registration” – a.k.a., the U5 form. Often the bane of traders, analysts and advisors everywhere, the U5 form is a document that explains why a “registered representative” leaves or is Read More

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doctor defamation case study: operating room outbursts

Doctor Defamation: Can OR Outbursts Be Defamatory?

Doctoring is intensely stressful. When medical professionals flub, people lose limbs, contract diseases or die. In the life- and-death heat of an emergency room operation, doctors have been known to fling invectives like monkeys fling food at safari vehicles. Sometimes apologies are exchanged, and all is forgotten. Other times, the arguments result in defamation lawsuits. Read More

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online video defamation

ATM Security Camera Flaw Ends In $75,000 Online Defamation Award

Woman Falsely Identified In Crime Stoppers Video Footage Posted Online About two years ago, Shayla Funk, an occupational therapist, rolled up to an ATM, typed in her password, and took money from her account. Little did she suspect that her ATM visit would result in a forced unpaid leave from her job – but that’s Read More

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