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Should You Sue?

First Things First: Should You Sue For Defamation? Do You Have A Valid Case?

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Business Defamation

The Basics of U.S. Trade Libel Law And Case Studies.

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Trade Libel Lawyers

Pioneers In Online Trade Libel Litigation, The Kelly / Warner Attorneys.

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Business Defamation In 2 Minutes...Or Less

You can get a temporary restraining order to remove damaging accusations from the Web. Read about this and other business defamation law factoids in our infographic.

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Negative statements are not defamatory. Unprivileged, harmful, negligent, false statements of fact are.

The Difference Between Slander and Libel

difference between slander and libel Slander and libel represent the two sides of a defamation coin. In simple terms: slander is spoken defamation; libel is written defamation. To get an overview of United States business defamation law, click through to the definition section.

Is there a difference between business defamation and trade libel?

trade libel lawAre business defamation and trade libel the same thing? Not exactly. Trade libel is a type of business defamation, but business defamation doesn’t always fall under the trade libel umbrella. For example: if an employer makes a false statement of fact about an employee's termination, and said employee sued, the case would be a business defamation case, even though it doesn’t involve a product or service.

Kelly / Warner Trade Libel Attorneys

business defamation attorneys Kelly / Warner maintains a business competition legal practice. A firm for today’s marketplace – our attorneys are well-versed in all things digital, including relevant Internet law regulations and recent tech-related case law.

Is a lawsuit the only way to remedy an online reputation attack?

business defamation lawsuits Is a lawsuit the only way to get defamatory statements removed from the Web? No. Many online business defamation cases are resolved within weeks. But understand: We’re not talking about dodgy situations in which people use lawsuits to silence the awful truth. We’re talking about legitimate actions against legally defamatory statements.